Hello, friendlies. Long time, no one-way conversation. Just wanted to keep you apprised of my various goings-on. Without further ado, here they be!

So it’s (semi) official: I will be filming my very first stand up comedy DVD in the late Summer or early Fall of ’08. The details are still be ironed out, but I can tell you it will include a full hour of previously unreleased material (nothing from my CD or Comedy Central special) and it will also include lots of goofy extras and whatnot. Also, a good portion of the DVD will be aired as a television special. All will be revealed in the weeks and months to come!

In addition to my continued barnacle-like presence on VH1’s Best Week Ever, I have been making semi-regular appearances on Countdown with Keith Olbermann over the past few months, dumbing down this wonderful program with my poorly disguised di*k jokes. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Political punchlines
Political punchlines

Didn't get enough yet? Then check out this clip of me on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch.

I recently filmed a small part in the upcoming feature film, ‘Bride Wars, starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. This is pretty f’in sweet, but trust me: when I say ‘small part’, I’m not being modest. We’re talking “Hey, can you give my retarded cousin a part in your movie?” small. But I did get to see how a major motion picture studio does ‘craft services’ and I had the pleasure of spending a twelve hour day with Candace Bergen. I call her ‘Candy’. She asked me not to, but I do anyway.



Ah, the road—cheap hotel soap, bitter morning radio deejays and Cheesecake Factories as far as the eye can see! The life of a traveling comedian is truly one of glamour and grandeur. When you’re not sitting in your underwear at 4pm explaining to Housekeeping that no, you don’t need your room cleaned, you’re wandering around the mall killing time until your movie starts (‘Resident Evil 3’? It’s Sunday afternoon in Dayton—why the hell not?).

But then there are the shows, which make it all worthwhile. Um…go with me on this one, people.

In May I will be crisscrossing these united states, jokes in tow. Check it out, yo:

May 1-4: ATLANTA, GA—The Punchline (Tickets & show times at www.punchline.com)

May 6: ATHENS, OH—Ohio University (9pm, open to the public!)

May 8-11: KANSAS CITY, MO—The Improv aka Majestic Theater (Tickets & show times at www.improv.com)

May 14-17: PHILADELPHIA, PA—Helium Comedy Club (Tickets & show times at www.heliumcomedy.com)

May 22-25: TAMPA, FL—The Improv (Tickets & show times at www.improv.com)

For a full list of upcoming performances, visit my Calendar.

So come on out ‘n sh*t. I’ll be doing longer-than-usual sets, chock-full of new stuff. There will be laughter, frivolity and a healthy dose of “Wow, that one hit a bit too close to home”. Make it extra awkward by bringing a loved one!

I guess that’s all for now, e-pals. Thanks for your continued support.